Acasă Articole RTR Antonio Patraş, Ionel Teodoreanu, necunoscutul

Antonio Patraş, Ionel Teodoreanu, necunoscutul


The unknown Ionel Teodoreanu

The present review emphasizes upon the necessity of new interpretations in Ionel Teodoreanu’s case, maybe the most popular Romanian writer of the inter-bellum period, the author of countless best-sellers, with great public success, but unfortunately treated rather distantly and obliquely by the most authoritative contemporary critic voices. We tried to stress on the fact that Angelo Mitchievici and Ioan Stanomir, the young researchers who joined forces to recover the lost writer, „reloaded” the aggrieved literary figure by two laborious and intelligent socio-cultural studies, that really managed to bring again to the fore, using nevertheless perfectly mature investigation tools, the best known childhood novels in the Romanian literature. Furthermore, we showed that the two overshadowed studies meet in their integrative principles, as the nowadays critics preferred to unrule the aesthetic prejudices and discover the human being hidden behind pages.

Keywords: bourgeois official writer, bourgeois culture, childhood novel, literature for children, impressionism, imagism, musicality, nostalgia, Arcadian topos

  • Angelo Mitchievici şi Ioan Stanomir, Teodoreanu reloaded, Editura ART 2011.