Acasă Articole RTR Anton Adămuţ, Câtă înţelepciune ascund proverbele?

Anton Adămuţ, Câtă înţelepciune ascund proverbele?


How much wisdom do proverbs hide?

Too often, unfortunately, we mistake wisdom with proverb. It must be said however that between the two of them it is established a report of the part – whole type. The part is reserved for proverb, the whole is for wisdom. The middle path, so much praised, will say most being convinced that they are really right, is seen as a solution for this fake problem. I want to prove that they are not right, at least not always, for the proverb, mistaken with wisdom, often becomes a mean to justify the error by blaming the others. I.e., if there is a measure in every thing, I cannot see why the proverb would remove itself from measure? This is why I choose, to exemplify, two proverbs. I try to prove, by making a short history of them, how far are we from what we immediately believe that there is in them. These proverbs are: “truth is always in the middle” and “never look a gift horse in the mouth”.

Keywords: wisdom, proverb, truth, lie, argument.

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