Acasă Articole RTR Antim Ivireanul, tipograful promotor al identității naționale românești

Antim Ivireanul, tipograful promotor al identității naționale românești


Anthim the Iberian – The Typographer Promoter Of The Romanian National Identity

Fundamental landmarks of national identity, Romanian language, and Christian-Orthodox religion were promoted at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries through the brilliant printer Antim Ivireanul, the future Metropolitan of Wallachia. Aware of the power of the pattern to popularize advanced ideas for the epoch and to promote the image of the country and Prince Constantin Brâncoveanu, Antim Ivireanul himself publishes or co-ordinates the appearance of over 60 books. This effort is made on the one hand to support and enhance the reputation of Orthodox religion on the other hand to introduce the Romanian language into the religious service in order to increase the delivery of the Christian message and to educate the population by reading and listening to texts in the language native. That’s why the printer Antim Ivirean can be considered one of the creators of the national identity.

Keywords: Anthim the Iberian, identity, language, orthodoxy, printings