Acasă Articole RTR Angelo Mitchievici, Cioran și filosofia decadenței (I)

Angelo Mitchievici, Cioran și filosofia decadenței (I)


Cioran and the Philosophy of the Decadence

The present study aims at observing the relation between Cioran’s philosophy of decadence, as it appears mainly in his last Romanian book, On France, and the style of his concrete life as a French philosopher. The question central to this study is: What are the limits of the (self-)destructive impulses, how far can one go in self-destruction? Cioran did not have the courage to go too far, the longevity of his existence betrayed the purity of his doctrine. Cioran has sacrificed everything: his country, his language, his relatives, his „remote friends”, his own culture – except for his life, whose whole energy was aesthetically sublimated. Here we have the paradox of a barbarian converted to decadence.
Keywords: 20th century European philosophy, French existentialism, philosophy of decadence, Cioran, On France

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