Acasă Articole RTR Andrei Bodiu, Istoria Tabitei

Andrei Bodiu, Istoria Tabitei


Tabita’s history

Andrei Bodiu continues to debate the most recent aspects of the Romanian novel. The present study discusses one of the relevant novels of 2011, At home, on the Field of Armaggedon by Marta Petreu. For the author of the study, the novel is important because of its strong characters. Not only Maria is central in the novel but also Tabita, the narrator-character of the book. Andrei Bodiu’s view of the novel is, starting from Tabita, different from all the articles published on Marta Petreu’s novel up to now.
Keywords: Romanian novel, Marta Petreu, At home, on the Field of Armaggedon, Maria, Tabita

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