Acasă Articole RTR Andrei Bodiu, A doua vârstă a poeziei lui Ion Pop

Andrei Bodiu, A doua vârstă a poeziei lui Ion Pop


The second age of Ion Pop’s poetry

Andrei Bodiu debates the poetry of a welknown Romanian auhor, Ion Pop. The author separates two periods of Ion Pop’s poetry : one between author’s debut and 1990 and one starting with 2003. Using the concept of Virgil Podoabă, the „revealing experience”, Andrei Bodiu thinks that Ion Pop’s poetry has a strong turn after a strong illness of the author. This turn can be seen starting with the volume Elegii în ofensivă (2003) and continues with the volume Litere şi albine (2010) The conclusion is that the best poetry by Ion Pop is the one in the books published at 62 and 69 years.

Keywords: contemporary Romanian poetry, Ion Pop, periods of creation, revealing experience, Virgil Podoabă

  • Virgil Podoabă, Poezia experienţei revelatoare / Poetry of the revealing experience, in Poezia română postbelică / Post-war Romanian poetry, Braşov, Ed. Univeristăţii Transilvania, 2005
  • Ion Pop, Elegii în ofensivă / Elegies in attack, Bucureşti, ed. Vinea, 2003
  • Ion Pop, Litere şi albine / Letters and bees, Cluj-Napoca, ed. Limes, 2010