Acasă Articole RTR Andreea Mironescu, Paul Zarifopol sau eseul împotriva criticii

Andreea Mironescu, Paul Zarifopol sau eseul împotriva criticii


Paul Zarifopol or the Essay against Criticism


Paul Zarifopol (1874-1934) could be described as a notable case of misreading in the field of Romanian literary history. Although alotted generous space in most histories of Romanian literature (from E. Lovinescu to G. Călinescu and Nicolae Manolescu), Zarifopol is often presented as an „anticlassical” literary critic, with no particular method and no systemic thinking, an impetuous and subjective writer of feuilletons. Collating critical opinions of his contemporaries, as well as fragments from private letters, this paper analyses the way in which Zarifopol deals with his own work and aims to prove that he deliberatly chose to be an essayist, and not a literary critic. Zarifopol’s criticism stems from a generalized skepticism, as the only expression of intelectual freedom which is possible in a postwar world.

Keywords: essay, theory, literary criticism, Romanian literature, Paul Zarifopol

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