Acasă Articole RTR Andra Florina Popa, Dan Botta – lirica postumă sau eliberarea de ermetism

Andra Florina Popa, Dan Botta – lirica postumă sau eliberarea de ermetism


The Posthumous Dan Botta’ s Poetry or The Released of Abstruseness

Dan Botta is one of the greater writer in the inter-war period whose work remains almost unknown during his life. He published only a volume of poetry during his life and the rest of the poems were published only after his death thanks to his wife. These poems are considered to be superior through their musicality, the coherent imagology, the concretness even if they keep their inner mistery. The series called Rune suggestes the images of immateriality and also the image of the Greek and Latin mythology. The Ephigrams is another volume from this period of creation and it makes the connection between the hermetically poetry and love poetry. The Ariadna’ s wreath is a series of love sonnets, which seem to be written by somebodyelse because the expressions are more clear and because there is no ambiguity. For Botta love means a way of urge towards a higher level of knowledge. The sonnets are in fact a kind of songs for the sweetheart and love is for the poet a symbol of purity and perfection. Poems and Poem at once represent also the posthumos Botta’ s poetry. The poems looks like the German ballads, but we can also find the feeling of love which is very powerful.

In conclusion, Botta seems to be a poeta doctus, who likes all lirics discourses, he cultivates the details and all of these give his poetry an original note.

Key words: mythology, Ariadna, Rune, imagology, hermetism, poeta doctus.

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