Acasă Articole RTR Anda Ionaş, Ecouri cognitivist-constructiviste în teoria artelor

Anda Ionaş, Ecouri cognitivist-constructiviste în teoria artelor


Cognitivst-Constructivist Reverberations in Art Theory

Researches carried out in recent decades in the field of cognitive science reveal models, patterns, schemes, based on which the human mind encodes the information received through the senses. These schemes organize the experience of the individuals according with the principle of cognitive economy, facilitating the adaptation to the environment. The
reception of the artistic objects follows the same process of creating the scheme and then correcting it when reality changes. Theorists of literature, plastic arts and film explain that the construction of the meaning of a work involves the elaboration of assumptions and expectations based on already established (created) schemes. These hypotheses are tested and verified; if they are disproved, the schemes will be subject to a revision process – representing the very essence of reception as a creative act.
Keywords: art theory, theory of reception, cognitive sciences, constructivist psychological schemes, art reception as a creative act

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