Acasă Articole RTR Ana Maria Roman Negoi, Ioan Cristinel Roman Negoi, Surse ale mitului bunului...

Ana Maria Roman Negoi, Ioan Cristinel Roman Negoi, Surse ale mitului bunului împărat. „Iosif al II-lea şi Curtea sa“ – un roman istoric de Luise Mühlbach


Sources of the good emperor’s myth. „Joseph the IInd and his Court”, a historical novel by Luise Mühlbach

The historiography about the Emperor Joseph II is extremely rich. Historical papers about him and his époque are found in the German, French and American cultural areas. In addition to these scientific sources, there were other legends which, in the Transylvanian area finally led to formation of the myth of the good emperor. This paper aims at debating the historical novel “Joseph II and his Court”, published between 1856 and 1857 by German writer Luise Mühlbach. This novel was well received in European and American cultural environments and it probably created the favourable grounds for the great synthesis of the German and American historiography that had as subject the reign of Emperor Joseph II. The present article aims to present this novel as a possible source which refreshed the myth of the good emperor among Romanians in Transylvania by the end of the nineteenth century.

Keywords: Joseph II, Luise Mühlbach, historical novel, Joseph II and his Court, historical source, Maria Teresa

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