Acasă Articole RTR Amvonul Catedralei, înălțimea Logosului rostit. Începuturile propovăduirii și reflectarea lor în cultura...

Amvonul Catedralei, înălțimea Logosului rostit. Începuturile propovăduirii și reflectarea lor în cultura Revistei Teologice din Sibiu (1907-1925)


The Cathedral’s Pulpit, the Height of the Spoken Logos. The beginnings of the preaching and their impact on the culture of “The Theological Review” from Sibiu (1907-1925)

The building and consecration of the new metropolitan Cathedral in Sibiu was not the end, but the beginning of the process which continues till nowadays. The preaching from the metropolitan Cathedral is not an accident of cultural genesis and the article proves that there may be met a benefic competition between the priests. Maybe in the dimensions of the cathedral and in the very good quality of the preaching here stays the answer to the very good quality of the preaching here. The author sees everything also from the perspective of the Lutheran and Catholic competition and examples present in the town of Sibiu. For the evolution of the preaching history and technique the author uses one of the most authentic sources on this field, The Theological Review, which starts to be edited in Sibiu by Professor Nicolae Bălan, the future Metropolitan of Transylvania, which began to be published in 1907.

Keywords: metropolitan cathedral, preaching, orthodox teaching, pastoral theology, Theological Review


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