Acasă Articole RTR “Amprente în piatră”*

“Amprente în piatră”*


„Imprints in Stone”

The present article reviews the study of Constantin Sebastian Corneanu, Amprente în piatră. Figurativ și decorativ în sculptura romanică și gotic timpurie din Transilvania / Imprints in Stone. Figurative and Decorative in Romanic and Early Gothic Sculpture in Transylvania (Editura „ASTRA Museum”, Sibiu, 2015), examining the uses of stone as a favourite indelible support used by mankind against the ravages of time. The reviewer observes and appreciates as an essential quality of the study the ability of identifying and clarifying the philosophical and religious concepts encoded in the stone carving or stone monument.

Keywords: Transylvanian archaeology, Romanic and Gothic Transylvanian sculpture, medieval art and Christianity