Acasă Articole RTR Alina Silvana Felea, Scoriile imaginației

Alina Silvana Felea, Scoriile imaginației


The Debris of Imagination

One of the most important components of the human mind, imagination has been the object of interest of many thinkers and researchers of all times. Despite the attention, there have been many unknown ideas about its source, its way of functioning, its status among other mental faculties. And there is also a critical component of its presentation. We asked why? First because of the impossibility of giving satisfying explanations, second because it has been considered dangereous for reason, for the right judgement. It is true that imagination too can stir the feelings, the emotions, as delirium and hallucinations are extreme examples of the effects of the lack of control over this faculty. Even if today imagination has a higher status, it is left in the care of the psychologists. The others, philosophers, anthropologists, aestheticians, etc. concentrate of the study of the imaginary. This does not mean that everything was said about imagination, on the contrary, there are a lot of explanations to be given on this subject, to highlight the dangers, but especially the good effects of imagination and its activity on the human existence. The specialty studies can investigate further this subject.
Keywords: Imagination, image, mental faculty, perception, cognition, truth

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