Acasă Articole RTR Alina Pitic, Ioana Moisil, Rodica Volovici, 3D Library – A case study...

Alina Pitic, Ioana Moisil, Rodica Volovici, 3D Library – A case study with children age 8 to 10


3D Library – A case study with children age 8 to 10

Software applications created for education have a long history and have evolved in line with the technological development, growing from simple pieces of program to fully fledged eLearning platforms. The fast development of some technologies like computer gaming, which are very attractive to children and teen, may present an opportunity. Using the children as active design participants, we developed a 3D desktop application. The application model the University Library in Sibiu. In this paper we will present some of the results obtained from using the latest version of the “3D-Library” application by a sample of 33 children aged 8 to 10.

Keywords: Digital libraries, Software Architecture, Computers in School, eLearning

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