Acasă Articole RTR Alex Matei, Premiers débats sur une télévision roumaine de qualité: de l’idéologie...

Alex Matei, Premiers débats sur une télévision roumaine de qualité: de l’idéologie implicite à l’idéologie explicite


First Debates on a Quality Romanian Television: From Implicit to Explicit Ideology

Matching the dominant cultural discourse of a given society at a given moment with one particular discourse – in our case that of the Romanian Television – is able to put into light the assessment of the “quality”, as in the syntagm “quality TV”. This paper shows how, in the wake of the “remobilization” era, at the beginning of the 70s, debates on the form and the content of TV programmes conceived as part of a public service intermingled and finally succumbed under the weight of ideological pressure. Between 1069 and 1979, television development cannot be the mission of only professionals, because it grows more and more a political issue. Broadly speaking, in no more than two years, what seemed to be a professional issue with its own rules becomes increasingly the expression of the political endeavor to lay hands on all public fields.
Keywords: romanian television, socialist television, quality television, socialist regime, cultural studies, visual studies

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