Acasă Articole RTR Alex Goldiş, Începuturile structuralismului românesc

Alex Goldiş, Începuturile structuralismului românesc


The beginnings of the romanian structuralism

Apart from the Poetics and Stylistics School of Tudor Vianu, coagulated in the first part of the 60s, there was another important segment of literary critics who tried to import the structuralist method in the Romanian context. My book, Literary Criticism in Trenches (2011), tried to explain the ideology and literary approach of Sorin Alexandrescu, Virgil Nemoianu and Toma Pavel (Vianu s disciples), while this study is concerned with the understanding of structuralist in the papers of other researchers, like Ion Pascadi, Paul Cornea and Adrian Marino. When not directly rejected, structuralism is generally seen as a positivist current of thought, opposed, in Romanian postwar criticism, to the impressionistic approach of G. Călinescu. Although its main concepts have been discussed, structuralism’s innovative perspective has remained unconsidered by the Romanian Postwar critics.

Keywords: structuralism, Post-war Criticism, misreading, impressionistic approach, positivism, Poetics and Stylistics School


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II. Critical studies:
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