Acasă Articole RTR Adriana Bondor, Rapsodie Epistolară: scrisori primite şi trimise de Anton Golopenţia (1923-1950),...

Adriana Bondor, Rapsodie Epistolară: scrisori primite şi trimise de Anton Golopenţia (1923-1950), volumul IV, ed. Sanda Golopenţia, Editura Enciclopedică, 2014


Anton Golopenţia, Epistolary Rhapsody: letters sent and received by Anton Golopenţia (1923-1950), vol. IV (The Great General Staff – Iuhim Zelenciuc). Text established by  Sanda Golopenţia and Ruxandra Guţu Pelazza. Introduction and notes by Sanda Golopenţia, Editura Enciclopedică, Bucureşti, 2014.

The 4th volume Epistolary Rhapsody, edited by Sanda Golopenţia, at Enciclopedica Publishing House, Bucharest, 2014, comes to complete the series of correspondence belonging to Anton Golopenţia. It comprises letteres received or sent by AG between 1923 and 1950. The archive of letters was published under alphabetical criteria. Therefore, this volume goes from letter M to Z, and includes exchanges of letter with Octavian Neamţu, Tudor Vianu, Henri H. Stahl, Mihai Pop, Victor Rădulescu-Pogoneanu and not only. This volume is mainly a primary source of information, given that it publishes documents of social history unknwon to the public until now. The themes they cover go from everyday life details to plans of organising research in interwar Romania, of publishing the results of this research and so on. Also, it completes the existing information about the personalities involved in the correspondence exchange, about their evolution in the given period of time, and also about their relationship with the main character of the correspondence – Anton Golopenţia.
Keywords: Anton Golopenţia, Epistolary Rhapsody, primary source of information, documents, social history