Acasă Articole RTR Adriana Bărbat, Evazionismul în literatură în relaţie cu puterea – Ştefan Agopian...

Adriana Bărbat, Evazionismul în literatură în relaţie cu puterea – Ştefan Agopian şi Dumitru Ţepeneag


The escapism in literature facing the power

– Ştefan Agopian and Dumitru Ţepeneag –

The works of these two writers are studied focusing on the Romanian communist context which influenced their novels.

This study tries to discover the ways in which the works of Agopian and Ţepeneag are characterized by escapism.

It is structured as follows: the two writers’ relation with the communism and the way it influenced the publication of their works, the relation between the literary and the politic (the free will, the characters and the narrator’s self-awareness, the lack of heroes and the lack of character’s initiation, the meals and the feasts).

Ţepeneag’s work is rationally structured around the dream’s rules. So this author stands between two worlds, having to assume the exiled position: between reality and text, between Romania and Europe, between narrator, character and witness of the events. His work has a partial escapist character; the author wants to detach from the politic through his work but he gets to the depths (for example the Romanian specificity) which hang up by his feet as the weights of a convict.

Agopian’s work is a way of defense, having thus a character of escapism. Agopian’s work avoids the reality being also fully contaminated by it; the author is one with his work, being like an illusionist who, using some mirrors, reflects the past into present and the present into past or being like a doctor who tests the vaccine on himself and then watches relaxed its effects.

Keywords: contemporary Romanian literature, contemporary Romanian prose, Ştefan Agopian, Dumitru Ţepeneag, escapism, communism, awareness

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