Acasă Articole RTR Adrian Simion, Abordări și terminologie – o analiză a conceptului „naționalism“ și...

Adrian Simion, Abordări și terminologie – o analiză a conceptului „naționalism“ și a unora dintre implicațiile sale


Approaches and terminology – an analysis of the concept of “nationalism” and some of its implications

This study attempts to present, in an approach that combines analysis and conceptualization, how nationalism has been defined and/or identified over the last century. Nationalism is today one of the social and political phenomena which bear different approaches in studies aimed at the history of Europe in the twentieth century. One reason would be that nationalist ideology still exerts a strong attraction and any discussion of nationalism can be easily linked to the concept of “nation”; there are many opinions that believe that, in general, each nation develops a certain kind of nationalism. Also, this study addresses the way in which nationalism was presented by various authors, observing that we cannot speak of a unitary phenomenon called “nationalism”, and we should analyse various nationalisms that have emerged and developed in different historical contexts.
Keywords: nationalism, ideology, typology, authors, analysis, nation

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