Acasă Articole RTR Adela Dinu, Imagini ale ţiganului în literatura română. Oglindiri literare ale prejudecăţilor...

Adela Dinu, Imagini ale ţiganului în literatura română. Oglindiri literare ale prejudecăţilor etnice


The image of the gypsy in Romanian literature

Literature is the silent witness of slow, corrosive processes carried out under traditional imagery but also the potentially explosive depositary of the frustrations, aversions and obsessions of a nation. The purpose of this paper is to selectively and not exhaustively illustrate the preservation and proliferation of ethnic stereotypes related to the image of the Gypsy in the national literature space. The route is imagologic, inspired from researcher Andrei Oişteanu’s approach, who lead the way towards Romanian ethnic imagology and was the author of the study entitled The image of the Jew in Romanian culture.

Keywords: popular imaginary, gipsy, jew, romanian literature, alien, imagology

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