Acasă Articole RTR A Literature Review of NLP Approaches to Fake News Detection and Their...

A Literature Review of NLP Approaches to Fake News Detection and Their Applicability to Romanian- Language News Analysis


A Literature Review of NLP Approaches to Fake News Detection and Their
Applicability to Romanian-Language News Analysis

Fighting fake news is a difficult and challenging task. With an increasing impact on the social and political environment, fake news exert an unprecedently dramatic influence on people’s lives. In response to this phenomenon, initiatives addressing automated fake news detection have gained popularity, generating widespread research interest.
However, most approaches targeting English and low-resource languages experience problems when devising such solutions. This study focuses on the progress of such investigations, while highlighting existing solutions, challenges, and observations shared by various research groups. In addition, given the limited amount of automated analyses
performed on Romanian fake news, we inspect the applicability of the available approaches in the Romanian context, while identifying future research paths.

Keywords: fake news identification, Natural Language Processing Techniques, Romanian language


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