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Acasă Articole RTR William James: Meseria de filosof

William James: Meseria de filosof


William James: The Job of the Philosopher

Abstract: This year marked the 180th anniversary of the birth of William James and the 112th anniversary of his death. James is the father of American psychology, founded the philosophical school of pragmatism and he is also the founder of functional psychology. What always struck James was the considerable distance that separates the rationalist spirit, defined as an instrument of logical operations, from reality. Hence the unforgiving and ironic criticism made towards the philosophies absorbed by forms and methods and that forget what they want at the end of the research. James qualifies such philosophies as indulging in a kind of verbal “sport” in which they put into circulation words through other words, when the error is greater if you forget the vocabulary of a colleague than if you neglect the real. A few considerations about all this constitute the content of the following study. Keywords: philosophy, pragmatism, psychology, truth, reality, facts, method.

Citation suggestion: Adămuț, Anton. “William James: meseria de filosof.” Transilvania, no. 9 (2022): 15-20.