Acasă Articole RTR Virgil Podoabă, Logica punctului de plecare

Virgil Podoabă, Logica punctului de plecare


The logic of the departing point
Power and revelating experience as legitimizing resort of creation

The present study analyzes the most important works, Supravieţuiri / The Survivals, of the influential Romanian novelist Radu Cosaşu, departing from the axiom of the political topic as major issue of all his writings, even the most playful and erotic ones. Not only does this topic function as a main correlative for all the other topics, but it has concretely affected the genesis itself of Cosaşu’s work; his biographical experience with the Communist power is an
active and reactive presence in his texts’ background, Power even becoming a central topic in some of them. Thus, despite its ludic and frolicsome appearance, Cosaşu’s prose proves to be a macro-narrative of Power.
Keywords: contemporary Romanian literature, Radu Cosaşu, Supravieţuiri, political topic, power, revelating experience

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