Acasă Articole RTR Vasile Spiridon, Despre o morfologie a marginii

Vasile Spiridon, Despre o morfologie a marginii


On the morphology of the edge

Mircea A. Diaconu aims in the book Who’s Afraid of Emil Cioran? Cioran the alien to analyze the paradoxes that build Cioran the man while he writes the letters addressed to the friends in the country and while he writes in his Notebooks. The author of the essay realized that he can understand Cioran easier and that he can also disambiguate “the figure of the creative spirit”in these authentic existential documents. It is here where he identifies the unfalsifying evidences of the being, of the truth of Cioran’s inner self, as these evidences establish a freedom that invites Cioran to become himself, while he is constantly being someone else due to the awareness of the inconsistency.
Keywords: Cioran, criticism on Cioran, Mircea A. Diaconu, identity, alienation, anonymity, skepticism, disease


Mircea A. Diaconu, Cui i-e frică de Emil Cioran? / Who’s Afraid of Emil Cioran?, Ed. Cartea Românească, Bucureşti, 2008.