Acasă Articole RTR Vasile Lovinescu. Hermeneutica basmelor lui Creangă

Vasile Lovinescu. Hermeneutica basmelor lui Creangă


Vasile Lovinescu. The hermeneutics of Creangă’s folk tales

In an exercice of myth analysis, starting from the Guénonian premise of the non-human origin of the folklore, Vasile Lovinescu stops at the tales written by Ion Creangă, considered a genius story-teller, a witness of the Tradition. The myth analysis in Creangă’s tales, the esoteric interpretation of the fundamental ballads of the Romanian spirituality, the remarkable analysis of the carols, all are integrated in defining a national mythology, in a hermeneutics with a great intelectual force. ‘Creangă și Creanga de aur’ and ‘Interpretarea ezoterică a unor basme și balade populare românești’ are the two fundamental works of analysis of the Romanian folk tradition. Vasile Lovinescu opens up two polemic lines inside his studies dedicated to the Romanian folk tales and ballads: one, with the official, academic school of folk study, and the other, much more poignant, with the direction of the modern national history, in rem, rather than in personam.

Keywords: myth, esoteric, myth analysis, folk tale, Ion Creangă, Harap Albs


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