Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Acasă Articole RTR Valoarea expresivă a sinonimului în proza scurtă a lui Liviu Rebreanu

Valoarea expresivă a sinonimului în proza scurtă a lui Liviu Rebreanu


The expressive value of the synonym in Liviu Rebreanu`s short prose

Without claiming by far the presentation of the exhaustive lexical-semantic phenomen (synonymy), we believe that examples extracted from Rebreanu`s short prose prove the power of selection and representation of the writer on this issue.

Used for their stylistic value to avoid monotony, the synonyms in Rebreanu`s texts are subject to the intention of the writer to achieve clearer images.

The existence of synonymously structures is one of the riches of the Romanian language which Rebreanu knew how to exploit, building suggestive artistic images in rendering the characters feelings, the interaction between the characters or the period and the environment in which they are placed.

Keywords: synonym, expressiveness, short story, Liviu Rebreanu


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