Acasă Articole RTR Amurgul gândurilor – o radiografie sumară

Amurgul gândurilor – o radiografie sumară


The Dusk of Thoughts – an Abbreviated Radiogram

In „The Dusk of Thoughts”, Cioran’s last finished Romanian book, the reader finds a Cioran wandering through various French landscapes, the perception of which is then turned into a pretext for the typical Cioranian reflections on existence and its meaning/meaninglessness. The fragments and aphorisms contained in the book are neither properly philosophical nor properly poetical, but somewhere in-between. The prevailing mood could be characterized as Symbolist due to the resemblance to the melancholy exhibited by the poets belonging to the latter half of the nineteenth century French literary movement of that name.
Keywords: Symbolism, Cioran, dusk, nature, sea, Nietzsche, landscape

  •  Emil Cioran, Amurgul gândurilor / The Dusk of Thoughts, Editura Humanitas, Bucureşti, 2001