Acasă Articole RTR Un metamodel istoric al manualelor de limba şi literatura română din perioada...

Un metamodel istoric al manualelor de limba şi literatura română din perioada 1948-1989


A Historical Meta-Model of Romanian Language and Literature Students’ Book from 1948 to 1989

The role of educational instrument that the Romanian Language and Literature textbook used to hold during the communist regime is incontestable. To subject these textbooks to an inventory is not an easy but rather a necessary endeavor especially because of their deconstructionist exploratory potential. Cosmina Cristescu opts for an approach to a rich material that perpetuated, at an educational level, structures of the imaginary and of rhetoric pertaining to communist ideology, from the vantage point of ideological disenchantment. Her undertaking is one that involves the investigation of normative models for the study of Romanian literature encountered in the only available textbooks during the communist period. Here literature functioned as a metadiscourse, as an ideology transfer institution and the research of this environment becomes an opportunity to ponder, from a pedagogical perspective, upon the culturalpolitical habitus of the period between 1948 and 1989.

Keywords: instruments of knowledge, textbooks, communist propaganda, the literature-ideology rapport, children’s poetry during the communist regime.