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Acasă Articole RTR Trauma și memoria războiului civil spaniol

Trauma și memoria războiului civil spaniol


The Trauma and the Memory of the Spanish Civil War

Abstract: The study examines from a historical-psychological perspective the suffering faced by the victims of the Spanish Civil War in emotional, social, economic and living conditions generally incompatible with the simplest exercise of recovery from trauma. The victims, unlike the victors, who used and abused their right to mourn and honour their fallen, were forced to swallow their tears and grief, to hide or deny their ideas, to be ashamed of their ideological condition, to impose an iron silence on themselves; in short, to drown their own memory and with it any possibility of mourning or recovering from the horrors of war. Keywords: trauma studies, Spanish Civil War, victim psychology, survivor guilt, personal trauma under dictatorship.

Citation suggestion: Duca, Crina. “Trauma și memoria războiului civil spaniol.” Transilvania, no. 9 (2022): 89-96.