Acasă Articole RTR Tipărituri transilvanice din colecţia muzeului tulcean

Tipărituri transilvanice din colecţia muzeului tulcean


“Transylvanice” printings from the Collection of the Tulcea Museum

The Collection of Old Books from the “Gavrilă Simion” Eco-Museum Research Institute of Tulcea contains a few dozens of copies from the category of so-called “Transylvanice” Collection, some editions being present in many volumes or kept in a number of copies. The topic refers to the books printed on the territory of Transylvania influenced by many cultures and religions, written in Latin, German and Hungarian but also to the papers written by German intellectuals and printed in other Printing works, at Lipsiae [Leipzig], Posonii [Bratislava] or Vienna.

The identified books, which are researched or whose value is enhanced by this study, are printed in 1730-1862, the majority coming from printers from Sibiu and Cluj. Among the authors, knowledgeable German historians, one can mention the following names: Martin Felmer, Joseph Carol Eder, Christianus Schesaeus, Iacob Ferdinand Miller. Most books are printed by Martin Hochmeister, Peter Barth, J. Tilsch and other printers from Sibiu and Cluj. Moreover, the “Transylvanice” books kept at Tulcea are representative for the History of the Great Principality of Transylvania: Statuta Municipalia Provinciae Transylvaniae Fratrum Minorum Strictioris Observatiae (Şumuleu-Ciuc], 1730), Minerologia Magni Principatus Transilvaniae (Cluj, 1767), Primae Lineae M. Principatus Transsilvaniae Historiam Antiqui, Medii et Recentioris Aevi (Cibinii, 1780).

The copies come from either the Romanian Academia Library as being a fund which was taken from there, or they were purchased by the Tulcea Museum from the second-hand bookshops from Bucharest. Some books keep the property notes, ex-libris stamps and annotation of some cultural associations or different private people.

Keywords: Transylvanica, bibliology, “Gavrilă Simion” Eco-Museum Research Institute of Tulcea, Cibinii, Claudiopoli, Martin Hochmeister, Peter Barth, Academicis Societatis Jesu, property notes, ex-libris


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