Acasă Articole RTR „Sorokin e aproape imposibil de tradus”

„Sorokin e aproape imposibil de tradus”


„Sorokin is almost impossible to be translated”
An interview with writer Mihail VAKULOVSKI, the translator of the volume entitled „The hearts of the
four”, from Vladimir Sorokin

In an interview taken by Veronica D. Niculescu, Mihail Vakulovski is talking about translating one of the most important contemporary Russian authors, Vladimir Sorokin. His latest translation, called in Romanian „Inimile celor patru” („The Hearts of the Four“), was published in 2008 by Art Publishing House, and it will be followed by other books translated by Mihail Vakulovski and his brother, Alexandru Vakulovski. Mihail Vakulovksi, a well-known writer himself, is talking about the difficulties of translating Sorokin and explains his already known opinion that the best translations from Russian into Romanian are those made by Romanian writers that came from Republic of Moldova, because they know Russian and Romanian language as well. „In order to be a good translator, you must know very well both of the languages involved in this very complicated bussiness”, says Vakulovski, who also translated Harms
and Erofeev.
Keywords: Sorokin, translation, writer, Russian language, Romanian language, Republic of Moldova