Acasă Articole RTR Sânziana Șipoș, Promoție vs. generație poetică: ipoteze, contradicții, definiri

Sânziana Șipoș, Promoție vs. generație poetică: ipoteze, contradicții, definiri


Poetic generation vs. poetic promotion: Hypotheses, contradictions, definitions 

The Romanian criticism has always found itself confronting an impediment when debating the generation concept. During the communist regime, it was really hard for a writer to be noticed in the literary society if he was not a part of a literary group which would help him promote his writing. Various literary groups were frequented by writers with different interests in literature and so, similar styles were formed. The critics found it easy to unite the writers’ works under the name of literary generation. The obstacles appeared the moment the political regime changed, as the critics were not sure if once the social context was different, this instrument would still be a valid one. This paper argues the legitimacy of the generation concept before and after the revolution in December 1989 and also studies the changes which occurred in this time period regarding the critics’ theories about this term.

Keywords: poetic generation, poetry, writer, criticism, theory, postmodernism.


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