Acasă Articole RTR Legitimarea plurală pessoană şi spiritul sintezei europene

Legitimarea plurală pessoană şi spiritul sintezei europene


The Pessoan Plural Legitimation and the Spirit of European Synthesis

The study undertakes an analysis of the modern artist’s role within the European culture starting from articles and essays by Fernando Pessoa, the analyst and visionary. Thus, approaching modern literature as sociologic indicator, according to the Portuguese writer’s expression, a diverse topic regarding the legitimation of marginal European cultures unfolds, such as the one for which the creator of the heteronyms was renowned, a culture exceeding provincialism through the ambition of its works becoming canonical, through the spirit of the great syntheses, and the aspiration to the universal. The Pessoan strategy of transferring the particular values to the universal and cosmopolitan ideal is symptomatic, a strategy present in the heteronyms’ manifests, debates, and polemics occupying the Portuguese cultural scene, thus concealing the real identity of the director of this internalized dramatic show: „drama em gente, em vez de em actos” (Fernando Pessoa). After the incursion in the
theory of culture (through the semiotic model offered by Iuri Lotman), the present research focusses in matter of approach on the compartmentalization specific of the history of ideas (S. Fauchereau, M. Călinescu, Al. Muşina) and the hermeneutics of the subject (E. Lourenço, G. Vattimo)
Keywords: tradition, modernism, european synthesis, cultural legitimation, heteronym, orthonym