Acasă Articole RTR Semnificaţiile măştii în romanele lui Kobo Abe

Semnificaţiile măştii în romanele lui Kobo Abe


The Meanings of Mask in Kobo Abe’s Novels

This essay analyses the importance of different sort of disguise strategies in Kobo Abe’s fiction. Considered one of the most significant contemporary Japanese novelists, Abe creates a hallucinatory universe, populated with characters that find in mask a perfect strategy of living (and even of surviving). Expression of the well-known literary theme of the double, mask, as well as mirror, offers a new kind of reality that puts into question the very essence of contemporary human condition.
Keywords: Japanese modern fiction, mask, identity, mirror, alienation, solitude

  • Kobo Abe, Chip străin//The Face of Another/Tanin no Kao.Traducere şi note de Angela Hondru, Editura Polirom,2006.
  • Kobo Abe, Bărbatul-cutie/The Box Man. Traducere de Angela Hondru, Editura Polirom, 2007