Acasă Articole RTR Evelyn Waugh. Trecutul, între nostalgie şi luciditate

Evelyn Waugh. Trecutul, între nostalgie şi luciditate


Evelyn Waugh. The Past between Nostalgia and Lucidity

This essay analyses some aspects of Waugh’s fiction, being centered upon two of his novels: A Handful of Dust and Brideshead Revisited. Considered either one of the most significant British novelists of his time or some kind of an outsider and peripheral literary figure, Evelyn Waugh succeeds in making up powerful conflicts and convincing characters. Most important, his fiction has always one ever-present preoccupation, mainly the implications of the past, interpreted, from the point of view of the characters or of the author himself, from two perspectives: nostalgia and lucidity.
Keywords: British fiction, past, nostalgia, lucidity, Catholicism

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