Acasă Articole RTR Roberto Bolaño – 2666 și teoria minoratului

Roberto Bolaño – 2666 și teoria minoratului


Roberto Bolaño – „2666” and the theory of minority

This study examines Roberto Bolaño’s strategies of redeploying marginality in literary discourse, with particular focus on his novel entitled 2666. Bolaño borrows the aesthetics of the peripheral, the poetics of the insignificant, or the themes of vagrancy and Bohemian rootlessness from various famous authors, but, at the same time, these elements are delivered in an unrivaled personal style that problematizes aspects pertaining to literary theory and the theory of the novel. An anarchetypal novel (with an atomized structure, much like the dispersed pieces of a puzzle), 2666 breaks many authorial and stylistic patterns and disregards the conventional rules of narrative architecture, becoming a significant milestone in today’s novelistic world.

Keywords: Roberto Bolaño 2666, marginality, poetics of nothingness, theory of the novel, anarchaetype


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