Acasă Articole RTR REVIEW: Stefan Helgesson and Mads Rosendhal Thomsen, Literature and the World

REVIEW: Stefan Helgesson and Mads Rosendhal Thomsen, Literature and the World


Abstract: The present book review aims at raising awareness about some of the most influential waves of changes in the wide field of humanities, that have contributed to the emergence of over-arching concepts in the field of literary studies and translations studies: a redefinition of world literature endorsed by an authoritative and convincing plea for its understanding and significant role in contemporary literary criticism, translation studies and cultural theory. Furthermore, other related terms reflect the same paradigm: globalization, transnational literature, digital humanities, cultural geography, cultural translation, at a time marked by several “turns”: the planetary turn, the cultural turn, to name some of the most recent and equally compelling concepts.

Key words: world literature, comparative literature, translation, wording, worlding


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