Acasă Articole RTR Religious Knowledge, Mystical Experience and the Personal Mission of Muhyi-d-Din Ibn ‘Arabi

Religious Knowledge, Mystical Experience and the Personal Mission of Muhyi-d-Din Ibn ‘Arabi


Religious Knowledge, Mystical Experience and the Personal Mission of Muhyi-d-Din Ibn ‘Arabi

Abstract: The article intends to shed light on the importance of mystical experiences encountered by the Sheik al-Akbar, the great religious theologist Ibn ¢Arabi, the great spiritual leader of Sunni Islam. Following the perfect illumination by the revelation of his own personal mission in Muslim Andalusia, the Sheik al-Akbar started to preach the exoteric lessons of Islam, based on the Quran, Hadith, and Shari¢a. However, he did not limit his knowledge and lessons to exoteric elements, but deeply immersed himself into the metaphysical esoteric truth of the Haqiqa and engaged into the narrow path of Tariqa, the spiritual path leading to realization of the Supreme Truth. By constantly teaching his disciples and by travelling across the Muslim realm, the Sheik al-Akbar reinvigorated and consolidated Sunna, while unravelling the ultimate mystery of divine perfection one can achieve. By the willingness to obey the revelations and to submit his personal will to the Divine injunction, he served the Muslim community and led the path of esoteric and exoteric knowledge and teaching.

Keywords: Ibn ‘Arabi, Islam, Sufism, religion, mysticism.



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