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Acasă Articole RTR Religion, Migration, Syncretism and Secularization

Religion, Migration, Syncretism and Secularization


Abstract: Migration is viewed as a natural social phenomenon. Reasons for migration and responses to migration may vary. Much research in recent times has been done on migration. This contribution approaches migration from a theological perspective and tries to emphasize the way Christian communities should view the entry of migrants into a community. The way the church should respond to migrants entering a community is discussed by way of three possible perceptions of migrants, either perceived as a threat, an asset or an opportunity. Migration may result in the continuation or discontinuation of beliefs by the migrant. The discontinuation of religion may be expressed as syncretism or secularization. Christian communities ought not to perceive the presence of the migrant as an entity needing assistance or object of conversion. Christian communities should also see migration as an opportunity for indigenous Christian communities to reflect on their own identity and attitude towards expressing inclusivity.

Keywords: migration, hospitality, stranger, threat, asset, identity, scapegoat, syncretism, secularization, inclusivity

Citation suggestion: Beyers, Jaco. “Religion, Migration, Syncretism and Secularization”. Transilvania, no. 10 (2021): 50-56.