Acasă Articole RTR Reîntemeierea vecinătăţii cu lumea. Epistolar Nicolae Steinhardt. O scrisoare inedită către Toma...

Reîntemeierea vecinătăţii cu lumea. Epistolar Nicolae Steinhardt. O scrisoare inedită către Toma Pavel


Reestablishing the Vicinity with the World.
Epistolary Nicolae Steinhardt.
An Unpublished Letter to Thomas Pavel.

In the context of the after-war decades, marked by totalitarian politics, the epistolary exchange represents the only way to reestablish the contact with the authentic cultural world. Nicu Steinhardt is one of the most assiduous sender of epistles and Romanian literature to his contemporaries in Diaspora, taking some obvious political risks for more than twenty years. The purpose of such an effort is the resistance to spiritual isolation and the preservation of the contact with the exiled intellectual elite: Monica Lovinescu, Virgil Ierunca, Virgil Nemoianu, Mircea Eliade, George Tomaziu, Thomas Pavel and many others. I have selected here five letters sent by Nicu Steinhardt, including an unpublished one, addressed to Thomas Pavel. Rehabilitating pathetic expression, the author does not hesitate to invite his addressees to communication and sharing.
Keywords: Steinhardt, intellectuals, Diaspora, letters, doctrinaires, liberalism, communism, censorship

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