Acasă Articole RTR Receptarea operei lui Virgil Mazilescu: obsesiile criticii

Receptarea operei lui Virgil Mazilescu: obsesiile criticii


The Reception of Virgil Mazilescu´s Work: The Obsessions Of Literary Criticism

Virgil Mazilescu still remains one of the most intriguing Romanian poets. The complexity and the diversity of his poetical work is a challenge for any exegetical analysis; in fact, in many cases, the Romanian critics had suggested the impossibility of fitting Mazilescu’s poetry into the patterns of a certain aesthetic. In this paper, we aim to approach two obsessions of the Romanian critical analysis: on the one hand, the validity of Mazilescu’s poetry belonging to the surrealistic aesthetics, on the other hand, the oral character of his poems, in order to identify a new way of understanding its internal mechanisms. The critical support of this paper consists of chronicles and volumes that discuss Virgil Mazilescu’s literary work.

Keywords: contemporary Romanian poetry, Virgil Mazilescu, poetry, critical analysis, surrealism, orality