Acasă Articole RTR Radu Jude’s Satirical Studies of Male Rage and Self-Pity

Radu Jude’s Satirical Studies of Male Rage and Self-Pity


Radu Jude’s Satirical Studies of Male Rage and Self-Pity

Abstract: The article discusses four Radu Jude films – the shorts Alexandra (2008) and It Can Pass Through the Wall (2014), the never released, 60-minute long A Film for Friends (2011), and Jude’s official second feature, Everybody in Our Family (2012) – grouping them together as satirical studies of male rage and self-pity, with elements of psychodrama.

Keywords: Radu Jude, New Romanian Cinema, toxic masculinity, farce.

Citation suggestion: Gorzo, Andrei, and Lazăr, Veronica. Radu Jude’s Satirical Studies of Male Rage and Self-Pity.” Transilvania, no. 5 (2022): 1-5.


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