Acasă Articole RTR R.W. Seton-Watson și revizionismul pragmatic ungar (1933-1940)

R.W. Seton-Watson și revizionismul pragmatic ungar (1933-1940)


R.W. Seton-Watson and the Hungarian Pragmatic Revisionism (1933-1940)

The perspective of the completion of the Hungarian revisionist plans entered a new more favorable phase in the beginning of the year 1933, when in Germany the Nazi party took over the power. As the Nazis had consolidated their power in Germany and switched over to violating international treaties, Hungary increasingly geared towards Hitler, whom it perceived as its main support for its revisionist goals. The close collaboration with Nazi Germany constituted a permanent mark in the Hungarian foreign policy starting with the year 1933 and until the end of World War II.
However, the orientation towards Nazi Germany did not mean that Hungary abandoned its revisionist action, which was taken over after 1920 in Western states and especially in England, but on the contrary, it experienced a revival in 1933.
The publicist and historian R. W. Seton-Watson had an important role in the advancement of countermeasures by the Romanian State against the actions led by the Hungarian State in England towards the revision of the Treaty of Trianon.
Remaining the same constant and valuable friend of the Romanians, Seton-Watson acted as a determined and active adversary through a wide range of events, scientific papers, essays, lectures, radio shows and reports addressed to the English political circles against the revisionism promoted by Horthy’s Hungary. Seton condemned the dismantling of Transylvania by the second Vienna Dictate of August 30th 1940, also after Romania had entered World War II on the side of Nazi Germany.
Keywords: Vienna Dictate, Transylvania, Treaty Revision, Hungarian frontiers, Trianon


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