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Acasă Articole RTR Profilul lui Mendele Moicher Sforim în cultura română: de la traducere la...

Profilul lui Mendele Moicher Sforim în cultura română: de la traducere la receptare


Mendele Moicher Sforim’s profile in Romanian culture: from translation to reception

In Romania, Yiddish classic literature is not a consistently marketed literary culture; known mainly through the massive translations from Sholem Aleichem in the first decades after the beginning of the Communist regime due to ideological purposes and to I. B. Singer’s works after the end of the Communist regime due to marketing strategy of promoting a Nobel Prize laureate on the book market, Yiddish literature remains still a field to be discovered by the Romanian public. Therefore, to the regular Romanian reader, Mendele Moicher Sforim’s work remains largely unknown and the profile of the author still to be discovered even a century after his death. The current research focuses on Mendele Moicher Sforim’s prose and identifies the different editions which appeared in Romanian version, analyzing the political and cultural context in which these volumes were published and the presentational discourse accompanying them for public use.

 Keywords: literary translations; Yiddish literature; Judaism; reception; Mendele Moicher Sforim


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