Acasă Articole RTR Prezentism şi mizerabilism în proza douămiistă românească

Prezentism şi mizerabilism în proza douămiistă românească


Presentism and Miserabilism in the Prose of the 2000 Generation

The main characteristic of the regime of historicity (a term coined by the French historian François Hartog) during 1990-2000 is the focus on the present, on presentism (again a term coined by François Hartog), with its various forms of recovery of the past, and less on the future. Thus, presentism is the expression of an arrested transition (from communism to democracy and capitalism), of a crisis, of a post-revolutionary disillusion and disappointment. A social, economic and political crisis that young people experienced more acutely – this fact is reflected in the prose of the 2000 generation (those writers who made their debut at the beginning of the 2000s).

Keywords: regime of historicity, presentism, the misery of reality/miserability, prose of the 2000 generation, communism, post-communism

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