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Acasă Articole RTR Postumanismul și poezia română contemporană

Postumanismul și poezia română contemporană


Posthumanism And Contemporary Romanian Poetry

Abstract: The present study aims to map the links between posthumanist theory and contemporary Romanian poetry, as well as the socio-political, economic and philosophical contexts that have made possible the emergence of a “new sensibility”, since the generation 2000 exhausts its transitive, violent-existential poetics, focused on radically biographical writing. In order to understand the dynamics of posthuman coordinates in contemporary poetry, I will analyse the two poetic trends that have evolved from a focus on the posthuman environment and from close links with digital culture to an assumed critical perspective on the exclusionary forms of humanism. My analysis is meant to highlight the posthumanist (empathetic and supportive) viewpoint, in the volumes that address identity issues both in relation to the tradition of dehumanization exercised by the canonical, white, male and heteronormative man, but also in relation to the new digital existence, and the eco direction, concerned with the ecological crisis, not just the political or social one. My interpretation approaches the way in which the “new sensibility” functions as a legitimizing principle for the posthuman/ist collective, in solidarity with marginalized, sexualized or racialized communities.

Keywords: posthumanism, contemporary literature, poetry, aestethics, post-communism.

Citation suggestion: Lupașcu, Emanuel. Postumanismul și poezia română contemporană.” Transilvania, no. 6-7 (2022): 44-57.