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Acasă Articole RTR Postmodernismul românesc s-a născut din tezele din iulie și din crizele petrolului

Postmodernismul românesc s-a născut din tezele din iulie și din crizele petrolului


Romanian Postmodernism Was Born of the July Thesis and the Crisis of Petroleum

Abstract: The “July Theses” were a strange start to Romanian postmodernism. Nicolae Ceausescu’s speech was filled with postmodern ideas that wanted to break the tyrannical, authoritarian, “grand” author. After all, what he announced was that the most important thing for future socialism was mass-culture and that the modernist emphasis should be urgently toned down by reallocating funds to entertainment. With his July Theses, Ceausescu was in fact announcing the collapse of the domination of the literary medium. To make the polycrisis scenario perfect, the gesture was followed by oil crises that consistently thinned resources in the literary field, followed by IMF borrowing and crushing austerity. Western postmodernism was born out of the abundance of postwar revival. Eastern postmodernism was born out of the dream of abundance, out of the trafficking of mass culture to the black-market. It was born out of austerity.

Keywords: July Thesis, Ceausescu, polycrisis, postmodernism, Romanian literature


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