Acasă Articole RTR Poezia modernă și tradiția

Poezia modernă și tradiția


Modern Poetry and Tradition

Abstract: The article is a brief revisitation of the relationship between modern poetry and tradition, such as it was understood by poets starting with Charles Baudelaire. The theoretical proposition advanced here postulates the existence of two complementary attitudes in this respect: the first one progressive, characterized by the denial of tradition, represented by the European avant-garde (most of all futurism, dadaism, and surrealism); the second one conservative, illustrated first of all by German expressionism, but also by modernism and Anglo-American postmodernism’s attempts to recover or recycle the contents of tradition.

Keywords: tradition, modern /modernism, postmodern/postmodernism, Europea avant-garde, recovery and recycling of tradition

Citation suggestion: Chioaru, Dumitru. “Poezia modernă și tradiția.” Transilvania, no. 11-12 (2021): 67-68.