Acasă Articole RTR Petrecerea nopţii

Petrecerea nopţii


Passing the night

We cannot situate Adela Greceanu’s book within the borders of a single genre and we can sustain that the book relies on the idea of an (im)possible boundary between her own experiences and the immediate realities. The first part of the book is a large conversation between a future bride and four relatives who try to make her ready for the wedding. The night is so long that it never finishes and the bride remembers her other love affairs that seem to be related to each other. There is no communication limit, the time is very flexible. There is even no limit between life and death. In the second part of the book, we find a diary of a young woman (the bride) trying to understand her own life. Attempting to go through the labyrinth of her own feelings, the bride becomes, actually, as in the Michel Butor’s Passing time, a sort of prisoner of her living space.
Keywords: contemporay Romanian literature, Adela Greceanu, mixture of genres

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