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Acasă Articole RTR On Decolonizing Sociology

On Decolonizing Sociology


Abstract: There is a growing interest in decolonizing Sociology. Yet, there is no agreed upon definition of what this entails. In this essay I address two questions related to the decolonizing sociology effort. The first one is whether sociology has a mainstream and, if so, how can we describe it? In discussing this question, I also address the relationship between sociology and science. The second question is how do we go about decolonizing the discipline? I present the outlines of a proposal to decolonize sociology’s methodologies and practices and I also discuss the differences between alternative approaches and the question of what labels should we use. I don’t presume to have definitive answers to these questions. I offer these reflections as a contribution to the effort of rethinking sociology, a process that needs to be a collective endeavor.

Keywords: sociology, decolonization.



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